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[R|H] Itsuka by Infinitum-Outbreak [R|H] Itsuka by Infinitum-Outbreak

"No kaidan please."

Name | 要 溢河  [Kaname Itsuka]
Username | 甘飴 [amaame]
Gender | Male
Age | 17
D.o.B. | 5th of November
Height | 5'5'' | 165 cm
Weight | Very light; quite unhealthy
Nationality | N/A [Japanese]
Occupation | 2nd Year High School Student


≪Avoidant≫ Itsuka, like most people, doesn’t enjoy being triggered by their phobia; thus he goes to extraordinary lengths to avoid it and on days where he feels a strong sense of dread tends to not step out of his room. Asides from this, he is not usually a fan of conflict and so will avoid it if possible.

≪Bitter≫ He is very very bitter about his phobia as well and will occasionally go on tangents. They usually revolve around all the places he can’t go to and all the shows that he can’t watch.

Creative Not only in terms of the arts, but he is an apt tactician with a flexible mind. Unfortunately sometimes these plans end up somewhat longwinded and impractical.

Critical He has a habit of poking out what he perceives to be the flaws and inadequacy in things, especially when he will be affected; though he usually tries to be polite about it, he has his moments of being blunt.

Helpful If you need a spell, some homework help or some other kind of small errand that won’t trigger him, he’ll usually be willing to help unless he’s busy himself.

Routine he is very organized and likes keeping a schedule (more so now than before as he allocated a part of each week to practicing his powers.)

Sass When he gets annoyed he starts sassing people back, and it’s not the cool kind of sass.

Shy He has never been a public speaker, a mood maker or good with anything public relations related mostly because he has a habit of rarely speaking up. Most of the time he prefers to stand by the sidelines and find someone who’s willing to talk bring his points to the stage.  

Studious Despite being a hikkikomori for most of middle school, he always got a friend to bring him his homework; when he found his cursed object, he spent much time on the internet trying to study up what aspects of his magic his cursed item couldn’t teach him and overall enjoys reading and learning new things.

Worrier He has a tendency to worry a little too much about a bit of everything; more about general wellbeing than people’s personalities and responses but on the occasion it will interfere with his decision making. 

Fear Fear of the Occult

Fear Level  Red most of the time, and is prone to freezing in the most mild of situations. Sometimes it dips into a red-orange when he's spell-working. 

Cursed Object≫ A sleep fountain pen that has the personality of a lecher. Given it's special state, it is almost impossible to break and so can be used to carve into hard surfaces (like soft woods) with a bit of effort.
Though the pen tends to say very inappropriate things all the time, when need be, it teaches Itsuka what he needs to know about the magic he has.

Superpower≫ He can write and draw magic spells in a process that is not unlike a geometric rhythm game. Each unbroken line is a function or parameter and the more complex the spell, the more lines will be needed to illustrate each function. Comparing a static object hovering a meter above the ground (which would have two function and a parameter [float, stop, height: 1 meter]) to creating a solid notice-me-not, which would have quite a number of parameters and functions [ 5x concealing senses, what happens when they touch others, what happens when they speak, if there's a radius, to which degree of separation etc. etc.].

Though there are very few hard and fast rules for how a spell may appear or be constructed, the effectiveness is definitely based off his concentration during construction and on the desired effect, his confidence and well as his timing and the amount of fear he feels. Geometric shapes are stronger than random squiggles and solid lines ensure stability and effectiveness. Though he does not have to use his Cursed Object to write them, their power is generally halved (or worse) - and as the spells are already imbued into a medium, it is possible for anybody else with a Cursed Object to use them.

Weakness≫ Given the nature of the spells, they usually must be pre-prepared; though he is capable of drawing them quickly, 9/10ths of the time is spent on the preparation and failed attempts due to his amount of fear. His hands are rarely steady due to it, which compromises both the stability and strength of the spell, so they should not be relied on as any final resort. Spells that are run 'continuously' must have a time-limit written down and a decent amount of work put in, otherwise they will fail without a question. Each time he writes spells, he can only manage to complete two or three useable ones due to the amount of concentration required.


He was born in a fairly ordinary family. A salary-man father who wasn’t home often and a teacher mother whom was busy with marking and lesson plans and a small home.

Oh. And his older brother. His older brother was a bit like a model son, six years older and finishing a university degree in business, with a good personality and a fascination for the occult and magic. He would research and experiment with various occult practices, some more innocent like the arcane symbols, others a little more dangerous, involving poisonous plants and potions and a few that were out-right illegal. He was also a little bit of a coward at age fourteen, and used his younger brother as a guinea pig for anything he thought was a little scary. Asides from that, Itsuka was blessed for magic anyway, with lovely heterochromic eyes that, he had read, was obvious the result of strong magical talent. Itsuka, sharing a similar interest at first, didn’t mind the experimentation so much – and by the time his brother had moved onto trying things like recreational drugs and blood magic with him, he had grown too afraid to say anything.

His brother would later pass this off as ‘a bit of fun between siblings’ and ‘tough love’ and not think much of it. Itsuka however, developed a phobia that would affect much of his everyday life; A ‘Seven Mysteries’ rumor that went around his middle school rendered him unable to step foot on the grounds without experiencing great discomfort at best and he had to rely on friends he had known since elementary to give him his homework, as he decided to shut himself into his room for as much of the two remaining years of middle school as possible and only appeared at the end of the third year for his final exams. He was lucky that his high marks meant that there was a school that would accept him.

Free of the burden of having to go to ‘that haunted place’, he started going out more and in the summer before high school started, he started venturing out a little more. It was on a short shopping trip that the fountain pen that would be his Cursed Object caught his eye. Buying it, he slipped it into his pen canister at home and didn’t really remember to use it till one of his ballpoints had run out when he was working on a background. Carefully drawing the circular bubbles, he concentrated very hard and lo and behold, bubbles floated up from his paper and a voice in his mind told him ‘CONGRATS YOU DID GREAT FOR YOUR FIRST TIME!’

So Itsuka fainted.

When he came to, the voice was still talking incessantly but the bubbles had long since popped. His phone showed that he had a new email, and this was for a strange group called ‘Re-Heroes’ – other people whom had gone through a similar experience. 

His computer + Tablet: don't touch or you die
Cursed Item: Why

「Additional Info」

- Uses 'boku' most of the time and 'watashi' around adult and in formal situations. 
- Has probably never attended an irl re:heroes meeting due to his fear of magic; even though they're called superpowers, the setup reminds him uncomfortably of using a medium for magic.
- Usually wears headphones when he draws his spells out and whenever his pen talks. This way he can try pretend it's all science fiction and the pen is an AI or something like that.
- Is often mistaken for female online due to his name and his typing habits. Is also a somewhat known artist who draws lots of cute girls. Never anything magical though, to the mild dismay of some of his followers. 
- Hates magical girls shows because there are cute girls in them but if he tried to watch them he would have a panic attack every episode.
- Pretends that his heterochromia was something he did when he was a chuunibyou; he wears brown colored contacts without prescription these days. 
- Hoodie sleeves can unzipped to make sleevelessness but he rarely does that.

「RP Methods」 Short things preferred, not good at the extremely long paragraph rps. Headcanons are by far preferred.</i></i></i>
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